After starting a program that includes INFORCE 3®, a Kansas stocker operation has "gotten along a lot better."

Near Allen, Kansas, Brian Keith wanted to maximize his on-arrival management practices and talked with his veterinarian and a Zoetis consultant to find a new approach. Ultimately, Keith decided he would administer INFORCE 3® respiratory vaccine and ONE SHOT® BVD to cattle on arrival, followed 14 to 21 days later with BOVI-SHIELD® IBR, and it produced the results he was hoping for to help prevent respiratory illness from bovine respiratory disease (BRD).

“We’ve gotten along a lot better with it ever since we changed our arrival program,” said Keith, who operates Keith Cattle Company along with his wife, Lisa, and their son and daughter-in-law, Justin and Kelsey.

Keith added that he also has changed the type of cattle he buys for his stocker operation. “We look for cattle that have the right vaccinations or program cattle that can be at our facility within 24 hours of purchase,” Keith said. “We can get them started with less death loss. I find it hard to pencil out much profit with high-risk cattle that don’t have vaccinations. The medicine costs and death loss were too much to make it work.” 

Keith also tests every calf for persistent infection with bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV-PI). He gets results back from his veterinarian within 24 hours and removes any animal testing positive for BVDV-PI. 

Testing, combined with a strong on-arrival vaccination program, has helped Keith to improve respiratory health and reduce the overall number of treatments for BRD.

Studies demonstrate on-arrival effectiveness

Studies of INFORCE 3 have produced results demonstrating effectiveness preventing illness caused by BRD, such as those Keith noticed on his operation in Kansas: 

 •When vaccinated with INFORCE 3, immunosuppressed cattle demonstrated equivalent or greater innate and adaptive local immune responses to infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR) virus than those vaccinated up to 12 days before stressful events.1

 •High-risk cattle vaccinated on arrival with INFORCE 3 and ONE SHOT BVD demonstrated a 41% reduction in second BRD treatments and a 45% reduction in third BRD treatments compared with calves that received Vista® Once SQ.2  

An intranasal vaccine, INFORCE 3 delivers at least six months of immunity against IBR in addition to helping prevent respiratory disease caused by bovine respiratory syncytial virus (BRSV).

Your veterinarian can help ID what works for you

Consult your veterinarian about how to design a vaccination program to protect your cattle from respiratory disease challenges. And visit for full details about INFORCE 3 and the potential it offers for your herd. 

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1 Cortese V, Woolums A, Hurley D, Bernard J, Berghaus R, Short T. Comparison of interferon and BoHV1 IgA levels in nasal secretions of dairy cattle vaccinated with Inforce 3 prior to calving or on day of calving, in Proceedings. 29th World Buiatrics Congress 2016;436.

2 Step DL, Krehbiel CR, Hixon C, et al. Evaluation of Commercially Available Multivalent Modified-Live Viral Vaccines on Health and Performance in Feedlot Cattle. JJ Vaccine Vaccination. 2015;1(3):1-8.

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